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Building with earthbags

July 9, 2007

Earthbag home in Utah

This home was built by the owner using polypropylene bags filled with compressed earth and sand. This technique was pioneered by an architect in California, Nader Khalili at Cal-Earth.

These homes outperform traditional construction for earthquake and hurricane conditions.

This is a construction picture of an earthbag home built in Costa Rica.

It is now a vacation rental. The finish details are lovely, aren’t they?

This earthbag house is really a sandbag house, built in the Bahamas. They built with what they had at hand: crushed coral sand. It worked great!

The completed home has gone through several hurricanes without a problem. Aren’t the arches lovely? No boring rectangular doors in this house!

The people at OK OK OK Productions wrote the bible on this building technique. They call their method FQSS: Fun, Quick, Simple and Solid.

They also call their FAQ: Smart-Ass Answers. So, you know I loved their book, Earthbag Building, by Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer.

Sweet, sweet earth.