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Watch this Irish MudWoman

October 29, 2007

Liz, of LizBiz Blog, is off pursuing her dream of a mortgage free beautiful home. You can watch her progress at The story of how I’ll build my own earth home.

she lived passionately and with good humour ever after



Earth bag construction in Arizona

October 3, 2007

Read about it at Annesley photo dot com.

Affordable, Hurricane Proof Housing

October 3, 2007

I had read about houses built from recycled shipping containers, but never about the advantages of doing this in a hurricane zone. A reader of this blog sent me some links and really whet my interest!

This simple housing in Australia, used to house some research drones in the rainforest, went through a Cat 5 hurricane. The flimsy upper deck covering tore off, but the containers stayed snug and dry.

In St. Petersburg Fla, Bob Villa filmed the construction of a container house which has an end result of looking like traditional construction. It looks exactly like it’s block and stick built neighbors, but is much more hurricane proof. The video of this project was fascinating to the Wiz and I.

This home on the coast of New Zealand was built with shipping containers. These inventive folks have an article about their project called Life at the Edge.