Watch this Irish MudWoman

Liz, of LizBiz Blog, is off pursuing her dream of a mortgage free beautiful home. You can watch her progress at The story of how I’ll build my own earth home.

she lived passionately and with good humour ever after


One Response to “Watch this Irish MudWoman”

  1. renaissanceronin Says:

    My hope is that she’ll have a better time of it, that we’re having, here in Mississippi. I’m building a home out of recycled aircraft hangar components, and reclaimed shipping containers. It’s elegant in it’s simplicity, and a “high speed build…”
    Or at least it would be, if I could get all the “nay-saying politicians” out of my way…
    You can read about it, here;
    Good Luck, LIZ! I’m pullin for ya!

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