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Composting toilets in Toronto business building

July 11, 2007

Read about it here:  Green business congress hopes eco-toilets will bowl over delegates

Today I bought a composting toilet

July 9, 2007

The picture is NOT Mr Wizard. compactprod.jpg

Mr Wizard and I have been reading and comparing various models, but today I actually shelled out over $1300 to Lehman’s. We plan to use this as we start construction and should know pretty quickly if this is a reasonable sewage alternative, or if we actually need to go with a septic system.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to use masses of water to manage sewage? Not to bury yards and yards of concrete just to contain a little poo? I am hoping this is aesthetic enough that we can use this system and avoid septic. But it has to be odor free and easy if we are to embrace this long term. I’m too old and cranky for an outhouse smell indoors, (or outdoors for that matter).