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Cob, electric cars, and wind energy

July 21, 2007

The Green Adventures of an Urban Ladybug is a blog by a woman in Austin, Texas. She has some great content! Her recent post on Cob building lured me in, but I also was fascinated by the post on electric vehicles.

I have heard someone has done some Cob building here on Dominica. I would love to see it! If you know the person who built with Cob, would you please have them contact me? I think earth is the most amazing building material. When we lived up North I was keen on straw bale construction, but I have since been converted to earth.

I wonder if any of the electric cars could manage the steep mountain roads here and carry a large cargo load (me plus shopping)? I have been telling Mr. Wizard he could build us one, but he says he cannot build a house and build a car at the same time. (the man does seem to be developing some resistance to my constant stream of “things we could do”.)

Here is a beautiful wind turbine: