Earth bag construction in Arizona

Read about it at Annesley photo dot com.

2 Responses to “Earth bag construction in Arizona”

  1. Bill Blake Says:

    We found this very interesting. We are planning to build an earthbag home in Cochise county. We would be interested in receiving more information as the project moves along.

  2. joan Says:

    This is amazing teamwork! I was looking for a sneak photo of you, Lady! Your determination, work and efforts are a real tribute to womanhood and the pioneering spirit still in many of us…
    Ive done alot over the years and at 48, have bought a lovely desert property with a view in the Western Desert of Egypt, God willing I will share my photos with you all…
    Im just trying to decide how much of the work im willling to do… your ingenuity I applaude!!!! loved your handy ideas!!!!
    My soil is mostly sand and I think i can get lime…. I write when i get on the site!!!! Hope you get to plant Date palms out where you are! and Figs grow off the moisture in the air so stick a branch in the ground! Joan

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